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At Blechta Exterior Cleaning, we understand that reliable and professional service can be a commodity these days and customers prefer an experience that leaves them not only satisfied with the awesome results, but relieved and happy with a service that was quick, easy and hassle-free. We love to go above and beyond! That’s why anytime you book service with us, we make sure the technicians are:

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  • Highly knowledgeable, experienced and thorough.
  • Ready to answer any questions or concerns that may come up. Forgot to ask before they left? Give us a call!
  • Able to provide you with the best cleaning experience you can ask for!
  • “Quality and Consistancy is our Greatest Achievement!”

What is soft washing and why should I want that? Window Cleaners St Paul MN

Soft washing is a cleaning process that uses chemical resistant pumps to apply sodium hypochlorite at low pressure to clean organic stains. Soft washing is the best method for removing moss, lichen, algae, mold and mildew for soft surfaces such as rooftops, siding, stucco and dryvit. Pressure washers can damage soft surfaces and void their warranty. Window Cleaners St Paul MN

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Exterior cleaning is all we do. Our experience ensures your home will be well taken care of.

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We service the entire Twin Cities metro area and are only a call away!

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We clean virtually all exterior surfaces. From your roof down to your driveway, we clean it all!

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We aren’t happy with the reults until you are. We pride ourselves on doing the best job possible.

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