Deck Cleaning

Deck Cleaning St Paul MN

Decks are for enjoying, not cleaning!

Decks are often a favorite area of a home. They are a place to relax. Or at least they should be. If you’re deck looks discolored it probably is dirty. Dirt and possibly mildew have taken a toll on your deck.

Our soft wash process gently removes the build-up and cleans your deck. In some cases a good cleaning is all that is needed. Other times, our cleaning is the perfect prep before refinishing the surface with a fresh coat of stain. An intense cleaning will ensure the stain will properly adhere for best results. Deck Cleaning St Paul MN

We clean fences too!

If your privacy fence doesn’t look the best consider having us clean it. At Blechta Exterior Cleaning, we use our soft wash process on cedar and vinyl fences to restore the appearance. Deck Cleaning St Paul MN
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