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Yes, we do windows!

Owner Mike Blechta discovered he actually enjoyed washing windows. Thankfully someone does!

Blechta Exterior Cleaning Services does exterior window washing featuring a spot-free process that uses triple filtered water. We also offer interior window cleaning to remove film and smudges that accumulate over time. Additional heavy cleaning services are available to clean interior window jams.
Often times customers don’t realize just how dirty their windows have gotten. The glass clouds up gradually and you grow used to it. After we clean the windows customers often are amazed at the difference. The clear view makes the interior of their home feel brighter. Window Cleaning St Paul MN

We charge $4-6 per standard size window. Additional charge may apply due to size or location. Sales tax is additional. Window Cleaning St Paul MN

We use a RO/DI 3-stage water fed brush system. Pure water window cleaning method using a 3 stage filtration system with an RO (reverse osmosis), a DI (deionized) and sediment filter on a cart that takes water from a household spigot and takes all of the additives out resulting in a 0-5 ppm (parts per million). It then feeds out of a brush head that is used to agitate and remove dirt with the pure water left on the pane to dry spot-free. Water fed brushes also serve to clean frames and sills in the process.

We clean screens too!

Screens are often overlooked until you can no longer look through them. Our Screen Shine process gently cleans screens to remove dust, pollen, cotton, and bugs. Not only do the screens look much better, clean screens let more air flow through.

We charge $2-3 per screen. Additional fee may apply due to size or location. Sales tax additional.

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